Following the purchase of the trade and assets of Lincolnshire based Magnadata in August 2015, we rebranded as BemroseBooth Paragon (BBP tech) and have since launched a new dedicated technology centre in Boston.

After relocating to new premises on Haven Business Park we have worked hard to create a dedicated technology centre that specialises in RFID contactless products, card personalisation and essential research and development. The new centre has allowed us to launch new solutions to the market, adding greater value to our portfolio of clients across a range of sectors.

Recognising the need for absolute efficiency in the production of traditional paper-based tickets, we have also acknowledged that the sector will continue to decline, but that these products remain essential to our clients’ revenue generation in transit and parking industries.

As a result, we have moved Magnadata’s heavy production capabilities to our existing site in Hull in order to improve efficiencies and create two dedicated sites that can each focus on the markets that they are able to service.

General Manager of BBP comments; “Our traditional magnetic products remain essential to us and our clients, but we recognise the need to innovate and be at the forefront of the provision of new technologies and services, which will allow our clients to introduce a seamless and integrated journey when it comes to ticketing.

“Our new technology centre in Boston employs 24 staff, whilst the expanded Hull site has created a further 19 positions. We are certainly pleased to see the business move forward in Boston, whilst also retaining our position as an employer in the area. There is no doubt that we have been on a difficult journey, but the creation of a centre of excellence in Boston signifies that the business is looking to the future and that we have a new outlook, one that will only evolve over time.”

If you would like to know more about the products and services offered by Hull and Boston please do call us and someone will be happy to help.

Here at BemroseBooth Paragon we work with our clients to meet with all of their ticketing needs. As a leading supplier we provide magnetic tickets, RFID and contactless applications and are one of the only companies to be ITSO accredited.

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