Brand Protection

Just one such example is the bespoke application that we worked on with a global supplier of office stationery equipment. Recognising the value in counterfeit and ‘grey market’ goods, our colleagues at BBP tech developed a tamper-evident label that can detect the use of unauthorised or counterfeit products within electrical office based equipment. This, in turn, has supported the sales pipeline of this organisation, while also retaining its integrity as a leading supplier within its market.

Clothing is another sector whereby RFID can add value. Stock inventories can be quick and simple; all a sales representative would need to do is run a hand-held scanner or smartphone along a rail and let the technology do the rest.

With tamper proof tags and labels, this technology can be used to tackle counterfeiting and improve brand integrity and customer loyalty.

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Here at BemroseBooth Paragon we work with our clients to meet with all of their ticketing needs. As a leading supplier we provide magnetic tickets, RFID and contactless applications and are one of the only companies to be ITSO accredited.

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