Earlier this year the NFL announced that in preparation for the new season, all American footballs will be fitted with RFID technology. The idea is that the balls would then be tracked to provide data about the movement, speed, speed of rotation and the height of each kick and pass, whilst also tracking the full flight.

The technology will give coaches and fans of the sport greater insight into America’s favourite competitive games.

The use of RFID technology is not new in the NFL. For the past four seasons RFID technology has been part of the game and is becoming increasingly common. When RFID was first introduced, players shoulder pads were fitted with the technology. The Technology provided player tracking information that at the time had never been seen before.

The RFID tags give real time insight into player positions, runs, speed and the overall formation of the team. The huge data sets that the technology receives are then used in a wide variety of different ways; it can be used to evaluate individual player performances in games or to influence player rehabilitation and specific coaching sessions. The technology is also advantageous when teams are formulating tactics as they are given insight to opposing teams’ performances and tactics.

As well as benefitting the teams, the technology has allowed fans to get closer to the action than ever before. Live player tracking, in depth statistics, visualisations and all-important fantasy football recommendations will enhance the experience that fans can have.

With the potential to be rolled out across a range of sports, RFID could be just what is needed to bring a technical revolution to sportsmanship.

Technical Sales Director for BBPTech, John Wise, explains that RFID technology could become a real game changer in the sporting world. He comments: “Sports clubs across the globe are always looking at ways to get the most out of their players and RFID can contribute to this. RFID technology allows coaches to develop more targeted information about their player performances and has the potential to revolutionise coaching sessions with more targeted training. This data has the potential to be used in a wide range of sports and we are certainly looking forward to hearing more about what UK based football, rugby and hockey teams are planning.”

“RFID technology continues to show how adaptable it is as it becomes in increasing part of modern everyday life. The possibilities for where it can go are truly endless and we are excited to be involved with clients that are only too willing to push boundaries that will benefit their business.”

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