Holding an NFC enabled smartphone near a programmed tag allows consumers to engage with a variety of interactive experiences and even initiate secure transactions.

Near Field Communication

As well as being adaptable, which means these tags can be used for a variety of applications, the technology works without the need for clicks and relies instead on inlays. This technology allows for the seamless integration of the online world with real life; a really exciting development within the world of tags, badges, labels and tickets.

As a technology that will be available across all mobile and smart devices, NFC can be used to create an effortless interaction between consumers and products containing inlays. In addition to developing different formats for the application, here at BBP tech, we are also able to programme the NFC inlay with customer-specific data such as a URL or unique reference numbers, while also printing variable data or sequential numbers.

Tickets, self-adhesive labels, posters, leaflets, wristbands, magazine inserts and business cards can all be supported with NFC inlays.

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