BBP and BBP tech are both part of a much larger group, the Paragon Group of companies. With a network of specialists, we are able to harness the RFID technological knowledge, capacity and capability of our associated sites based around the world.

Paragon Identification

Paragon Identification in France was at the forefront of RFID technology, developing the first contactless transport tickets in Europe more than a decade ago. Working with companies throughout the globe, the business supports clients with the design, inlay, manufacturing, security and customisation of tags, badges, labels and cards.

This could be by creating a contactless card that when scanned gives a retailer an update on how many products they have left in stock or for use as a contactless ski pass, making access to the slopes simpler.

Working with leading blue-chip and consumer facing brands, customers can rely on our experience to create applications that work.

Paragon Identification - leaders in RFID and contactless technology.

Designing an RFID project from start to completion, we are able to use our in-house knowledge to advise clients on what materials and adhesives to use for each application. With an inlay fabrication line, we manage the entire process and our quality labs, which we use to test every product, give further reassurance to our standards and the integrity of the cards, tag, labels and tickets we develop.

Working with a brief, we are able to provide our customers with advice and recommendations to meet with their objectives.

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Here at BemroseBooth Paragon we work with our clients to meet with all of their ticketing needs. As a leading supplier we provide magnetic tickets, RFID and contactless applications and are one of the only companies to be ITSO accredited.

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