As the Transport for North (TfN) continues to outline its ‘Strategic Transport Plan’ for travel, smart ticketing is taking centre stage amongst its plans to transform the way that people travel across Northern England.

As TfN aims to implement a world class transport system, a smart ticketing system is needed to match. Smart ticketing being introduced across all modes of Northern public transport will create a faster, easier and more flexible payment system, allowing businesses and people to become better connected.

Monday morning queues to purchase tickets or update weekly passes and wallets and purses bursting open with numerous tangerine tickets will soon become a thing of the past as a single RFID smart card will make life easier for commuters.

Smart ticketing is all about providing public transport users with choice and TfN’s new scheme will give passengers exactly that. Northern public transport users will now be given the option of pre-booking a ticket which is then loaded to their own smart card. Alternatively, if they prefer, they can choose to pay as you travel, a scheme where commuters will tap in and out of stations and buses and are given the best price available to them, similar to the scheme currently run by TfL in London.

By working in partnership with transport operators and authorities and the Department for Transport, TfN will be able to deliver a scheme that makes it easier for passengers to seamlessly purchase using their preferred method of payment.

Richard Farmer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Paragon ID, comments: “Offering commuters the option to ‘tap-in’ to pay for their journeys means that public transport will become more accessible and attractive to people across the North of England.”

“Customers will now be able to pay for multi-modal, multi-operator journeys with a single smart card. This is a huge step forward, not only for the North of England, but for British public transport in general.”

“The shift towards smart and RFID ticketing across the UK is hugely exciting and as a business we have certainly embraced the changes. Investing in our ability to produce ITSO certified smart enabled tickets is at the forefront of the business and we are looking forward to seeing what the future will bring and remaining a leading manufacturer and supplier of tickets to the mass transit market both in the UK and throughout Europe.”

Here at BemroseBooth Paragon we work with our clients to meet with all of their ticketing needs. As a leading supplier we provide magnetic tickets, RFID and contactless applications and are one of the only companies to be ITSO accredited.

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